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Video card settings

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11-08-2002 01:36 AM
Ok, let me try that again, and not hit enter after the topic line this time. Anyway I have a question about something I found on Autodesks certified video card page. The two "best" machines we have here are running with Nvidia cards (Quadro 2 Pro and Quadro 4 XGL) and at the bottom of the list for Nvidia cards it says "NOTE: NVIDIA cards should not be run with the "Inventor" setting in the Display Properties." Which setting is this that they are speaking of? Is this in the Applications Options in IV under Hardware? Is this not supposed to be set to "Use optimization setting recommeded by Autodesk Inventor's hardware database"? Or is this setting somewhere else???? BTW, we are still running 5.0 here on Win2k.

Phil Eichbauer
RWC Inc.
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