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VBA or VB for sculpting overlapping objects in an Assembly??

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10-19-2012 08:55 AM



I have an assembly with various parts in it.  I am trying to write a routine that will

1) systematically traverse the assembly and find parts that overlap,

2) where they overlap perform a sculpt operation on the parts


Whilst i can do this manually by edit>copy object>sculpt>select surface ...  i don't know how to mimic this programmatically. 


 So far i have coded to do it in a very hamfisted way by making a derived part file from the overlapping parts, opening the derived part file and performing the sculpt, replacing the original part in the assembly with its new derived-sculpted part and then continuing to traverse the assembly tree..  - it is super slow and uses lots of file operations.


Does anyone have any examples of a slick way to do this??


Thanks in advance



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Re: VBA or VB for sculpting overlapping objects in an Assembly??

10-19-2012 09:02 AM in reply to: mitcham_boy

Hi mitcham_boy,


You might have better luck searching and asking questions of this type on the Inventor Customization forum:


I hope this helps.
Best of luck to you in all of your Inventor pursuits,

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