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VBA Macro Ilogic Issue

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10-23-2013 07:16 AM

I am having an issue driving Ilogic rules from a VBA macro imported through Inventor VBA editor. Basically the only purpose of this macro is to run the very first Ilogic rule in an assembly that drives subsequent rules. However the problem I am having is when I fire the first rule with the macro then one of the subsequent rules (which are not related to the macro rule) behaves differently from when I fire the first rule manually. When I say behaves differently I mean it doesn’t recognise a line of code within the ilogic rule. I know the line of code could be placed into the macro but this is a simplified version of the problem and the code needs to be in Ilogic.


The line of code in the ilogic rule that seems to be not recognised when run via the macro is:-





The VBA Macro is as follows:-


Attribute VB_Name = "iLogicAssy"

Public Sub RuniLogic()


Dim addIn As ApplicationAddIn

Dim addIns As ApplicationAddIns

Set addIns = ThisApplication.ApplicationAddIns

    For Each addIn In addIns

        If InStr(addIn.DisplayName, "iLogic") > 0 Then


            Dim iLogicAuto As Object

            Set iLogicAuto = addIn.Automation

            Exit For

        End If


Debug.Print addIn.DisplayName



Dim RuleName As String



  Dim oDoc As Document


  Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument

  If oDoc Is Nothing Then

    MsgBox "Missing Inventor Document"

    Exit Sub

  End If


  iLogicAuto.RunRule oDoc, RuleName


End Sub

Upgraded to 2014 and this is no longer an issue.

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Re: VBA Macro Ilogic Issue

10-24-2013 03:27 AM in reply to: gazadder

Upgraded to 2014 and this is no longer an issue.

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