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Vault LifeCycle and Inventor

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07-19-2012 07:54 AM



We are succesfully using Vault Lifecycle now......would just like to take it one step further...


When a certain user is in Vault Professional 2012 and changes the state of the file from 'Checked' to 'Approved', we want his/her vault login name to appear as a custom property in the file, with a date, so that it can be inserted into the border the relevant idw...


anyone acheived/attemped this?


thanks in anticipation



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Re: Vault LifeCycle and Inventor

07-20-2012 03:01 AM in reply to: graeme.robinson



This is annoyingly difficult to do, and impossible to do perfectly.  Basically because once a file is Released, it becomes locked, so Vault prevents the feeding of properties into the file after the Release.  What you have to do is create a user account that has edit rights to Released data, and log into the job processor with that account, then create a trigger on the lifecycle transistion from WIP > Released to update the properties of the file.  Therefore, once a file is released, providing you've created the mapping from a system property to a custom UDP, the JP will sync the properties and feed the Vault name into the property if you've entered it into the title block.  The next problem being, when the drawing is bumped back into WIP, the user account name will either stay there or the person who last modified the file will have his/her name put there instead.  It's ridiculously difficult especially considering this is bread and butter stuff for a data management/release control management package.  To avoid error, migraines, stress, and undoubtably coming across more problems, I would just do the whole thing manually.



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