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Using inventor for woodworking, can I start top down?

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10-12-2012 12:07 PM

I have read the tutorials on as they seem the only ones on this topic, and am leaning towards using the top-down method, but would like to start at an even higher level wher you only come up with the big picture first then figure out how to build it with parts.  For example lets say if you want to make a wooden enclosure, you make the outside of the part using a large solid by extruding and such, then somehow go from that to a box made up of 1/2" thick plywood, etc.  Does this method make any sense, how does anyone else make something wooden in inventor?



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Re: Using inventor for woodworking, can I start top down?

10-12-2012 12:20 PM in reply to: bcadenza


It can be done.  Can be tedious, but you need to think things through carefully.

Take a look at these series of videos.

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Re: Using inventor for woodworking, can I start top down?

10-17-2012 03:51 AM in reply to: bcadenza


yes you can and it is realy nice. I do woodworking with Inventor for few years and lot to learn and lot of fun.

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