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Using ilogic or a macro to automate drawing creation of iassembly members

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11-06-2012 05:33 AM

Hi there,


I have an iassembly which contains around 500 different members.  There aren't any major differences between the members other than parts being Included/Excluded and parts being replaced by similar parts (this can all be done in the table as the parts are all created as one ipart family).


I need an assembly drawing for every member.  As the drawings will be very similar, it is possible to just create one drawings then use 'Save as' and 'replace model reference' to create the whole lot.  As this process would be very tedious and time consuming, I want to create a ilogic program or a VB macro to automate this process.


Basically i need a program that will...


FOR every line in the table (say 1 to 500)...


look at the currently active drawing...

replace model reference (for 2