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using a form with iLogic (Tutorial)

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11-29-2012 03:14 PM

Hello All.


I have been using ilogic and Inventor VBA for a few months now, but I still consider myself fairly new to VB.Net


My objective is to create a form in (using Visual Studio) (As the dynamic nature of the form I need for this project exceeds the capability of the form generation tool provided with iLogic)


With Inventor install (2012) came bundled a few iLogic samples. I took a few hints from the "Railing iLogic Sample Advanced.iam" but I am still trying to figure out how does the communicate with (iLogic) parameters of the inventor file. (I don't know what contents does a .dll carry over from a project)


Should use:


Dim oUserParameters as UserParameters

Set oUserParameters = invApp.ActiveDocument.ComponentDefinition.Parameters.UserParameters.Item("xxx") change the parameters' values (embedded within the code of the form) or if anyone could explain (or point me towards a blog/tutorial) on how iLogic can read from the form.


I can use the trick explained in this post ("My first plug-in)  


... but I think I would like this projects applicaion restricted to a single Assembly (.iam file) only.


Both short and long responses will be helpful;

and is appreciated. Thanking you,




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Re: using a form with iLogic (Tutorial)

11-30-2012 08:06 AM in reply to: WHassan

hi, it may be quicker if you post in the customisation area of the inventor forum... just one click away from here.


if i knew a bit about iLogic i would to help but unfortunately i can't. the inventor VBA may help if you want to look into that as well.

best regards,
- Mark

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PDSU 2015 Windows 8.1, 64bit.

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Re: using a form with iLogic (Tutorial)

11-30-2012 09:09 AM in reply to: Mark_Wigan

Will do that Thanks Mark,




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