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User Parameter Problem

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07-04-2012 11:49 PM

I have created a large complex assembly that is parametrically driven by a skeletal sketch ipt by means of an embedded excel spreadsheet.

I am cleaning up the models  by deleting obsolete user parameters.

But there is one that will just not give me the option to delete it.

I have interogated the model inside and out but can not find anywhere that this parameter is still being used.

I go into the Parameter Dialogue Box (ƒx) and hover the cursor over the parameter and there is nothing that apears that indicates theis parameter is used anywhere in the model.

Is there an iLogic routine or some other method that will allow me to run a check or a search through the model that will point me to where the parameter might still be lingering.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


I have attached a JPG if it will make things clearer.

RHRT_1 is the Parameter I am trying to get rid of.




The Models and Assemblies I create are guarded by Proprietry Laws so I am unable to send a copy to anyone.


Thanks Clint
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Re: User Parameter Problem

08-02-2012 01:19 AM in reply to: cwilko

Sorry, i dont know the answer, but i do have a theory. I have a similar problem in a couple of simple parts i've just created; one part has a user parameter that isnt being used but wont delete. My theory is to do with model parameters; through the course of designing a part, you will probably delete dimensions from sketches etc, and as i understand it, these dimensions still remain in the part, albeit not used, because whenever you create a new dimension, it has a unique 'd' number. For instance, if you add a dimension and its d18, then delete it and put it back, the new one will be d19. Now, what happens if a deleted dimension uses a user parameter? In the parameters dialogue box, only model dimensions in use appear; but i guess the deleted ones still exist in the part? Could therefore a deleted model dimension that references a user parameter be preventing that user parameter from being deleted?


I'd like to know the answer to that, even if its helpful to the OP question or not. Is there anyway to "purge" a part or assembly of unwanted variables etc?

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