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Tooling Slide (Split Cavity) Help

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11-19-2012 01:20 AM



I am struggling to figure out how to create a slide for the mold I am designing. I have looked at the tooling tutorials but they are not very helpfull when it comes to something which doesn't follow the tutorial workflow.


In the case of our product I require that the cavity which has been created to be split down the centre into two halves (essentially the cavity becomes the slides). I have tried a number of methods to achieve this but can't get it right.


Please could someone point me in a direction which may help.



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Re: Tooling Slide (Split Cavity) Help

11-20-2012 01:17 AM in reply to: wseaston


From your attached pictures and description, I recommend you to use rectangular workpiece(not cylindrical workpiece). After you created the core and cavity, you can create two inserts of cavity, let each insert has half of it.


If you can send your part to me, I may give you more suggestion of it. My mail address is




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