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Thread feature question

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06-20-2012 12:29 AM

I've modled two parts that both have threaded features as shown in the image bellow,


The internal diameter of the green part is 51mm and the outside diameter of the silver part is 53mm to allow for the tread.


I made my own M53x1 profile based on the ISO standard. This is going to be CNC'd so dont worry about it being a non-standard diameter.

From what I understand all ISO threads are labled by thier Basic major diameter? 


For some reason the lable on the internal thread shows as M51 which in reality would'nt work because there would'nt be any thread at all? If threads are infact labled by their Basic major diameter it should be biger such as M53?


I guess it looks like the thread feature isn't treating it as an internal thread but infact as an external one???


I think i might have just confused the heck out of myself... :smileysad: 



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Re: Thread feature question

06-20-2012 06:17 AM in reply to: Exilim2040

Both should be labeled as M53.


Since you are referring to label I am assuming you are using cosmetic thread representation and added this size to the thread spreadsheet.  Correct?  Are you sure you did it right?

Attach the files here.

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Re: Thread feature question

06-20-2012 09:20 PM in reply to: Exilim2040

I modeled the part on the right as 53OD and the part on the left 51ID to allow for the thread, should they be both the same size?


I just used the thread tool in the modify tab. Forgive me if its really obvious... Ive never worked with threads before.



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Re: Thread feature question

06-21-2012 12:31 PM in reply to: Exilim2040

Try changing the ID of the threaded portion of the ID to match the min minor diameter in the spreadsheet.

John Retzlaff
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