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Template text resizes itself

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09-17-2012 07:15 AM

I've had a search through the help archive and can't find anything similar to this.  Hopefully, someone can help.


We've a drawing template we've used for years with no issue.  Recently, it's gone a bit strange.  Text on the template is resizeing itself, and we don't know why.


We open a drawing template and it looks fine.

We go into iproperties to edit some of the fields.

When we exit the iproperties, some text has somehow made itself huge, and other text has gone small.


I'm suspecting this is something to do with the styles library, which we've only recently started using and we're a bit fuzzy on how it works.  Any help appreciated.  We're on IV2011

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Re: Template text resizes itself

09-17-2012 07:33 AM in reply to: inflateable

Yes, I would say that the styles library definately has something to do with this a specially since you have started playing with it.  Which is not a bad thing. :smileywink:

What I would do is when the text comes in large like you are desribing, edit the text and see which text style

it is pulling in and then go into the styles editor and see what the settings are.  Chances are they are a larger text.

Then in your templates change the text height back to what you need it to be or make sure that your default text

is set correctly in your styles editor within the templates.

Hope this makes sense.

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Re: Template text resizes itself

09-17-2012 04:18 PM in reply to: inflateable

WHAT IS YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM? iIve seen more problems with Win 7 than with XP doing this on our systems. I haven't found the cause of it yet.


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Re: Template text resizes itself

09-18-2012 01:21 AM in reply to: inflateable

Styles was the problem, and using 'update styles' fixed it.


Great, thanks for all the help.

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