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Template OLE Issue

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01-02-2013 01:15 PM

I've created a general table that looks to an excel file, and put the table in a template.  

Whenever I open the template directly (from Windows Explorer), it opens with no problem.  If I open it as a new drawing (ctrl+N), I get this error:

1 OLE Links appear to be inconsistent; the first of these is in Unknown.  These links are shown in the browser in read (under the 3rd party objects).  Please use the Change Source command in the browser to set up the Links consistently.


After clicking okay, there is no 3rd party folder in the browser (although it shows up in the template if I open it directly rather than a new drawing), and nothing looks out of place.  The table doesn't load, nor does any evidence of it.


I am at a loss.

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Re: Template OLE Issue

01-02-2013 09:45 PM in reply to: eveylynne

There seems to be a check and flush with using templates to create new files. A while back we tried having a simple text box in the main body with a standard disclaimer. If we opened the existing file the text box was there as soon as we used it as a template, the text box was deleted.


The work around was to have the empty IDW with text box and use the Open and then "Save Copy As" to create the new drawing with our required text box.

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Re: Template OLE Issue

06-05-2013 03:19 AM in reply to: eveylynne

I have the same issue. I am trying to place a simple order table in the template (3 rows 3 columns) and keep ketting the OLE link error. is there a workaround to get a simple table in a template??? I allready tried to add a table as a title block but multimple title blocks are not allowed. Placing the table in the title block is not an option. 


plz Halp!

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Re: Template OLE Issue

06-05-2013 05:57 AM in reply to: eveylynne

I have had OLE objects get lost in template drawings.

At one point my template was 30megs.   Turned out to be graphics that were added and deleted, but the OLE info remained.


I had to use iLogic to cycle through all of the OLE objects and turn them on, then delete the unused ones.

My gues is that iLogic may be used to solve the issues you are having.



Here is some starter code to help get you going.  This will allow all OLE objects to show in tree.



Dim oRefOleFileDes As ReferencedOLEFileDescriptor

For Each oRefOleFileDes in oDoc.ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors

      oRefOleFileDes.Visibility = True



You can also use iLogic to set the embedding or linking option, or delete them or add them.




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Re: Template OLE Issue

07-01-2014 11:20 PM in reply to: eveylynne


Kind of wondering if they have already found a solution for this matter.


As I have encountered same problem. I have created a Revision History table from an Excel file. Here is the error message.


OLE error.jpg


And I do not even see any 3rd party objects in the browser as I click the OK button.


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