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Sub assembly design views wish

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10-31-2002 04:16 AM
I know this has probably been brought up before, but to get new features
implemented it needs to be repeated.

It'ld be nice to be able to bring in the design view from a sub-assembly
into the top level assembly. It's a pain to have to replicate work. This
could be worked just like opening an assembly and picking a design view from
the Options dialog box.

Joe Bartels
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Re: Sub assembly design views wish

10-31-2002 03:24 PM in reply to: *Bartels, Joe
I think I remember a post from someone from the IV-team commenting on this before R6 was released, saying that it wont be able to work like that in R6, but hinted/indicated that work in the process of this being implemented in a future release (R7?). Hopefully this will someday enable us to handle BIG assys like the competition is able to....

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