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Stress Analysis beginner question

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06-25-2012 03:08 AM


I have an assembly with moving parts.

I need to apply a certain loads in certain directions and values in certain positions.

The goal is to estimate the parts designs and chosen Material will withstand the load and will have an elastic deformation with some certain calculated displacements.

So the question is not mostly about the displacement values of deformation but rather the part is going to take a previous shape after the load is released.

I wish I can estimate the load were it is going to start a plastic deformation and complete break to roughly estimate the load safety factor.


So far the tutorial clearly shows the week spots and Max values of pressure and deformation.

Please advise could Inventor estimate the type of deformation (Elastic or Plastic) occured within certain load and Material or I should do it myself?


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Orest Yavtushenko

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Re: Stress Analysis beginner question

06-25-2012 05:44 AM in reply to: Orest_iy

It sounds like you want to work in Dynamic Simulation and push out to FEA.
What reference book are you using?
In any case, Inventor only calculates in the elastic deformation range - not plastic deformation.
You will need some other analysis software for that.

Can you attach the assembly here? (or at least a screen capture)

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