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Re: Simplified Pricing?

02-03-2010 06:00 AM in reply to: ~master
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> It is pushing me in a direction I don't want to go because I have no need for a new version each and every year. Why are you scared to go on subscription? You say you upgrade every 2-3 years.. It is more cost effective for you to go on subscription with that upgrade schedule..period. (you can still only load every other years software... the autodesk police won't come and force you to load the program this year if you don't want).
Considering the benefits that the Inventor software provides I consider the price for the software, subscription,etc.. to be CHEAP... Try pricing out CFD type programs.. They rarely get used daily or even weekly and charge 4 times the price for the software and 4 times the price for subscription.

Autodesk, like usual, is not the leader in this type of pricing movement... Welcome to the world... You've been sleeping for a while now.
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Re: Simplified Pricing?

12-13-2012 02:23 PM in reply to: ~master
And now it is 70% of the full price. If you consider to upgrade, you may also consider to see what is available in the market. I'm sure my local Works or Edge reseller would be able to give me a 20 or 25% discount on their latest software.

I'd gladly pay subscription if I had the option of only paying subscription for the software I use, and not for Mudbox, Alias, Showcase, Navisworks and Autocad too. It's pretty obvious that ADSK wants us to pay subscription.

I'll upgrade in 4 year's time, or buy new CAD software altogether, it won't cost more. Weird strategy by ADSK?
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Re: Simplified Pricing?

12-13-2012 03:11 PM in reply to: whunter

My company has, in the past, tended to stay 1 release behind current, to give time for all the bugs to be worked out.  We were on 2011 until about this past September, when we just jumped straight to 2013 and skipped 2012 entirely.  The improvements we've seen coming for 2014 suggest that our Nat'l CAD Mgr is going to jump us to 2014 the second it hits the streets, because it looks like some things that he purely hates about <2013 are going to get changed.  After that, I suspect we'll be sticking with 2014 for 2 years, to get back on the 1 behind routine.


As for hardware, when we buy workstations we get an extended warrantee, and usually keep the workstations until they're out of their (generally 4 year) warrantee, then upgrade.  There are exceptions to this rule, however: the other guys in my office somehow wound up with first-gen I3's for Inventor workstations, and this didn't work out so well.  They complained - justifiably - until management bought them better machines.  (I already had the good computer, fortunately ... my old workstation, a C2Q 6600, had gone off warrantee right when the company realized that i3's weren't really cutting it for Inventor.)


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