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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

07-19-2011 09:04 AM in reply to: Dennis_Jeffrey

Josh, very sorry for your loss, my prayers and condolenscences to you and your family.  Dennis was a HUGE resource around here and will be missed.  He has helped me on many occasions.  RIP Dennis...

- Aaron -
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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

07-28-2011 06:15 AM in reply to: sdotson

Though Dennis and I were at loggerheads in the beginning, he was such a person that was very helpful and easily forgiving.   I shall miss him.   My condolences to his family. 

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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

07-28-2011 07:26 AM in reply to: coviepresb1647

really hate to hear that.. Dennis has helped me more than once over the years..


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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

08-16-2011 07:23 AM in reply to: bllorik

Many others have already posted re: Dennis' boundless giving nature. I will remember him, as a gentleman who - despite his extensive experience - never stopped looking for ways to learn, increase his own knowledge, and freely share his findings with all those around him. His humility - even when dealing with people who didn't fully appreciate his knowledge and efforts - was remarkable. A passionate teacher and mentor to the end. May his passing be an inspiration to a whole new wave of teachers who will continue to make our community, and the world around us, a better place.


Fare thee well, Dennis. RIP.


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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

08-16-2011 08:43 AM in reply to: sdotson

I will miss Dennis. He has helped me a lot over the years. Truly a Very smart and Kind person.

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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

10-18-2011 07:51 AM in reply to: sdotson

I've been out of the loop for a little while now so I have to apologize to Dennis if you are watching.  I studied with Dennis on a one on one basis several years ago after teaching myself Inventor.  Dennis was the best teacher I've ever had in my life.  He was dedicated, educated, and most of all selfless.  Even after our training ended I would frequently call him and he would never charge me (which he prided himself on).  He really had a great understanding of the software and more so, had a gift of being able to understand what you were trying to accomplish no matter what industry you came from. 


Aside from being a great educator he was a heck of a nice guy to talk to on just about anything.  I found that we'd get off on tangents that had almost nothing to do with what the call was about but I always ended up learning something from the conversation.  It's unfortunate now that Inventor has become such a big part of my daily routine once again that I don't have my "go to" guy any more. 


Dennis, for someone who I never met face to face, you will be dearly missed.  RIP.


Steven M. Frey

Student and Admirer

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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

10-19-2011 02:14 AM in reply to: sdotson

I haven't posted anything on this forum since it has moved from NNTP, but been there since 2001, long enough to know what a wonderful person Dennis was.


When I saw your post, I had to stop and pay my respects to the Great Man.

Thank you for letting us know Sean.





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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

10-20-2011 01:52 AM in reply to: sdotson

Üşüyoruz Dennis Reis,

Toprağın Bol Olsun....

Allah Rahmet Eylesin....

.:Erdogan I:.
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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

10-20-2011 04:26 AM in reply to: sdotson

wow, this is not easy to understand. What a great man he was. He would bend over backwards to help anyone. This man will be missed like no other in the Inventor world. I remeber he joked about my english and my spelling my grammer. He helped in so many ways...





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Re: RIP Dennis Jeffrey

07-22-2012 03:19 PM in reply to: sdotson

Dennis Jeffrey is immortalized by his contributions to CAD Community sites like this and his postive affect on the industry.  He is one of the giants whose shoulders we stand on to reach our daily goals.


Dennis Jeffrey helped me to realize my goal of gainful employment in the daily use of Inventor.

Thank you Dennis!


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