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Rename part from frame generator

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04-18-2008 03:03 AM
I need to move parts (and drawings) to new part numbers. Parts are from frame generator. Important is that nowhere left any sign that those parts are moved to new numbers. I manage this but in one place still is old part number. When I open separate part in browser (browser is set on Frame Generator – just after open part) there is still old number. How I can change name which is show there.

Thank you for help. Regards.
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Re: Rename part from frame generator

04-21-2008 08:06 PM in reply to: TomalWojciech2505

In fact it will not affect the display name of a part after you change the part number of it.
The name shown in browser after you open a frame member part is defined when inserting the frame member,it can be changed in Frame Member Naming dialog during inserting, but seems not support to change after frame created.

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Re: Rename part from frame generator

01-27-2010 09:34 PM in reply to: TomalWojciech2505
Having searched from time to time to see if this topic has improved with recent versions of inventor and with our more improved frame generator it would seem that we are still in the same boat... still unable to change the browser node Name in the frame generator part environment.

to hopefully move forward on this topic, i have written some code and a extracted a summary of properties stored within a frame generated ipt file . i have documented this set of properties now in preparation to manipulate this node's name to match the file name / part name however i would request some assistance from Autodesk in completing this quest.

if the Autodesk gurus who scan these forums occasionally would like to get involved please let me know and i will supply you with the exact case and associated documents. i will also post a link in the API section back to this post.

thanks in advance.

best regards,
- Mark

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Re: Rename part from frame generator

02-11-2010 01:24 PM in reply to: TomalWojciech2505
As far as the FrameGenerator is concern, the users are on their own when it comes to manipulating with the individual FrameGenerator members.
Within our scope of works, which is the materials handling systems and general plant designs, majority of modelling is in building supporting structures and frames. For initial designs, the FrameGenerator is an extremely suitable application, but very difficult to use when it comes to reusing the designs at any level.
To overcome this problem, I have created a utility that copies a single assembly that includes the FrameGenerator members, including the frame, skeleton and members to an assembly with a different name.
Since that we use a structured naming convention: if assembly name is abc-001 the frame name will be abc-001-F, the skeleton name will be abc-001-S and the individual members name will be abc-001-001, -002 and so on. With such naming structure, the copy design utility will only replace all but last block within the name structure. If the new assembly name is xyz-010, the all other components names will be: xyz-010-F, xyz-010-S, xyz-010-001 and so on.
Having the naming convention as described above, enabled us to build a number of generic frames and supporting structures to reuse them within projects using the CopyDesign utility.
If you think this can be of any help to you, contact me on e-mail
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