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References not Updating

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11-23-2012 03:18 PM

I am working on a gearbox design and would like the housing to automatically update several dimensions if the shaft size, length, or position changes. I am not having much success. I can create the component in the assembly, and project geometry to create the initial model without a problem. However, the modeled features are not updating when the referenced components change. What am I doing wrong?


Using Inventor 2012.



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Re: References not Updating

11-24-2012 06:53 AM in reply to: dbcox


if i understand correctly your question, then firstly...


was the initial sketch projected as associative?


if so, is the sketch now associative & the corresponding feature shown as such in each part you want to the automatic update?


if so, then is the part(s) in your assembly shown as associative?


you can usually rmb on any of those entities to toggle associative or not.


in your application options there is also a switch you can turn on and off... wording from memory is; "enable cross part geometry to be associative".


once you get those working i think it may be worth your while learning one or two other methods to achieve the kit to size itself automatically. i would probably prefer a skeleton over reference geometry. maybe look at driving a skeleton via a spreadsheet etc etc. there is some help on these kind of topics in inventor help / tutorials amongst other places

best regards,
- Mark

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Re: References not Updating

11-24-2012 07:39 PM in reply to: Mark_Wigan

Are you using project geometry or project cut edges?  Project cut edges is not associative when used across parts in an assembly.  (inventor is the only 3D modeller that I am aware of that has this limitation)


Also if you are using associative copy face I find that it often doesnt update even when it shows as associative.  A bug that I reported a long time ago.

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Re: References not Updating

11-28-2012 09:08 AM in reply to: stevec781

Thanks for the info guys!  The sketches are associative and a projected geometry (not projected cut edges).  I thought about the skelton sketch too, but didn't want to go back and re-do.


As far as the parts being associative, I am not sure.  From memory, I do not recall the associative icon on the parts, but I may be wrong.  I have been busy with other projects, but as soon as I can, I will go through your suggestions one by one and let you know what corrects the problem.

Thank you!



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