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Reference in assemblies

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09-27-2011 07:29 AM

We have some structure issues going on. Below is an example of our current structure.


1. Overall Frame Assy

    2. Frame Weldment

        3. Spine Weldment

        3. Bracket Assy

             4. Deck Brackets

             4. Air Brackets

             4. Hyd Brackets


The biggest problem is we have all of these level 3 and 4 subassemblies that need to reference upper level assemblies to show placement on the drawings. We have tried utilizing LOD's and view reps but still can't fix the problem. The problem comes into play when we get to upper level assemblies that become so huge because of all of the references that are happening at lower levels. It is structured this way to create small BOM's and to be able to use in multiple different structures without having to pull a new Part Number.


We need the reference geometry to be able to show on the drawing our locations of all of these lower level assemblies and how they mount to the frame in their respected locations.


Any Ideas?


We are using Inv2010 SP3 which doesn't matter really for this situation.


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Re: Reference in assemblies

09-27-2011 09:37 AM in reply to: danmaki

Not exactly sure what you are asking..

Do you need (for example).. #4.Hyd Brackets to show up in the parts list for #1. Overall Frame Assy


Do you not use a system where you have a drawing for #3.Bracket Assy that has a parts list with all #4 items.

Then a drawing for #2 Frame Weldment that shows both #3's in the parts list.

Then a drawing for #1 that shows #2 in its parts list only?


Have you looked into phantom subassemblies?

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Re: Reference in assemblies

09-27-2011 09:58 AM in reply to: mcgyvr

Basically the BOM for the Brackets assembly contains 3 items, the air brackets, the hyd brackets and the electrical brackets. Within each of those subasseblies the BOM's call out all of the brackets for each type of routing and locates them on the frame. But because the frame is not within this BOM it needs to be reference to show on the drawing.


The problem comes into play when we have all of these frames referenced in these 10 or 15 lower level assemblies. When we get into the frame assembly, there is 10 to 15 frames referenced throughout the whole structure. So when we open the Frame Assembly, about half of the components are just reference geometry, and some of these upper level assemblies are as large as 100,000 components. I have suggested more of a "in line series" structure which would look like this.


1. Frame Assembly

   2. Hyd Brackets

     3. Electrical Brackets

       4. Air Brackets

          5. Frame Weldment

             6. Spine Weldment


By doing this you eliminate all reference geometry. The problem they have with this is if they want to use the Hyd Brackets in a different machine they can't because its children are all tied to the Frame Weldment of the other machine. When, currently because the Brackets Assembly is not a part of the frame BOM, they can do that now.


My biggest complaint is that the way we do it now, the level 4 Bracket assembly that references a level 2 Frame to show mounting locations, technically does not exist because, how can you have a bracket assembly located at a lower level than the frame when the frame is needed to mount the brackets.


This is why I suggested more of an assembly line type structure, once you have your frame, now you add your brackets and so on. But they do not like the deeper structure with more levels where now it is more of a parralel structure where you have thousands of lower level assemblies referencing these upper level frames and shrouds just to show a location of the components on a Drawing.


For them to get around the issue, they are starting to just place the frame in the assembly, locate the brackets, than delete the frame out and use a 2D representation on the frame for the Drawing. The problem with that is, you have no update to that 2D sketch of the frame so if the frame changes the drawing won't update. We might as well go back to ACAD if we are to do it that way.


Does that clear anything up?

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Re: Reference in assemblies

10-02-2012 05:09 PM in reply to: danmaki


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