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Re: Text in Iassemblies

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07-06-2012 05:56 AM

Hello All,

I am generating files through the Iassembly and I realize that I have a slight problem. I want to be able to put text on each of my generated assembly files, but I cant figure out how to reflect it in my Table Author. As it is now, If I place text on my model through the machining environment in Edit Factory Scope, it is going to be the same text for all models. I could create individual text through the Edit Member Scope, but then I start creating numerous columns in my table author all for some text. I'm trying to keep the number of columns in my table author to a minimum.


I could place the text on the individual components in a location where all of the text will appear on each model, but then they are instances where some components could be shared across multiple models. All in all I wish I could create the extrusion in the edit factory scope, and use some sort of dialog box or something to indivdually type the text in for each model. Any help on this issue would be appreciated

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Re: Text in Iassemblies

07-19-2012 06:18 PM in reply to: dcmorgan


Do you have an example file that you could attach?



Nathan Chandler

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