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11-26-2002 02:31 AM in reply to: *Lilledal, Ole Christer
In specific conditions their are performance
increases, specifically when one would have multiple windows overlayed on your
drawing. The Geforce can handle only one before the framerate drops, and the
quadro can handle 10. Their are other increases in performance in specific
conditions, but it seems to me people always expect a 50% increase in framerate
or memory capacity by using SQ4. Those people are sadly


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you shouldn´t use Softquadro with your gaming rig, I think there is no need to
explain why : )
There is performance difference in Quadro and Geforce and
you can see those differences in the article mentioned before. That your Half
life crashed could be the cause of much other stuff, like the driver you used
somehow didn´t worked properly with Half life. Anyway, to see what SQ4 will
have effect on specific applications from the results on SpecViewPerformance
benchmarks is hard to tell. You should know if your application uses some of
the OpenGL features that professional cards provide. It is nonsense that there
is no performance increase with the SQ4...


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