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*Kassulker, Kerwin
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R6 Display Problems Solved by Hardware Setting.

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11-08-2002 06:02 AM
Hi All,

Yesterday I was experiencing problems with the refresh rates of models
migrated from 5.3 (i.e. models created from scratch in R6 display fine.)
I solved the display problem by re-installing Win XP Service Pak 1, followed
by a re-install of R6... However, at the end of day the display problem
reappeared! I then tried re-install of latest IV video drivers... with no

My System is as follows:

Dell P4 1.8 G Laptop
Win XP SP1
768 Meg Ram
NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go

SOLUTION: Today I discovered (maybe a temp fix?)... if you change under
TOOLS: APPLICATION OPTIONS: HARDWARE... the setting from Optimization by IV,
to Override recommended setting - Full Optimization. The problem is

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Re: R6 Display Problems Solved by Hardware Setting.

11-08-2002 06:20 AM in reply to: *Kassulker, Kerwin

Several days ago I posted a similar situation where the threads on fasteners and pipe fittings were badly distorted (looked good in 5.3). I also tried some of the obvious fixes... to no avail. Kerwin's hardware fix seems to work (at least temporarily). I sure hope SP1 cures some of these problems

HP Pavilion 360n
Athlon 1800
32 Meg. graphics card
512 Meg. RAM
Window XP (with SP1)

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Re: R6 Display Problems Solved by Hardware Setting.

11-08-2002 01:32 PM in reply to: *Kassulker, Kerwin

Had some trouble recently (see thread "Template files...") that traced back to the card driver (NVIDIA - installed last spring) and subsequent driver provided by A-Desk. My var suggested downloading latest driver from NVIDIA. All problems fixed.

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