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11-21-2013 08:15 AM
1-I want to show all compenents which are hidden. How it is possible? I am searching at browser secren one by one 2-Entering a value when using strech, move and copy commands? 3-it is not possible (or i dont know) to give relation to 3D sketch (i cant give relation of paralel, collinner etc.) and for example when i work on 3d sketch i cant give measurement between 2 different line. how is it working 4- 5-How is it possible to searching compenent name? 6-Why cant we use sheet metal, solid and weldment at same document 7- At Assembly work how is it possible creating midplane mate 8- 9-How can i save a assembly as a part document 10-Sometimes when creating constrain at assembly it doesnt show preview screen before click to apply button 11-How is it possible to simulate to constrain after choose relation 12-When i save as drawing file as a dwg (Autocad) file, Inventor is deleting letterhead, cut list and blocks. But I want to keep theese 13-I have an extruded box. and i want to extruded cut 15250 diffirent hole on this box. Is it obligation to click all hole sketch. one by one Please think about it the other issue is after creating theese holes if i want to increase this holes' count 15258 pieces Inventor doesnt rocognize automaticly and is it obligation to define new holes???? 14-Is it possible to hole cap for rectagular frames 15- 16-When working at assembly file, i am clicking create new part and i want to draw sketch by taking referans from other compenents without using project geometry. Because Project Geometry is not useful. 17-Sometimes when i want to delete a constrain by clicking delete button it isnt working and sometimes it is working. Occording to what? 18- 19- 20-I cant measure compenent when it is section view. because section view is closing when i select the measure tool. 21- 22- 23-what does it mean red streak of lightning at browser menu 24-I want to measure between two holes distance center to center. How can i set this option 25-when we want to revization on a projevt we want to change creation date automaticly on title block. How can????? 4-8-15-18-19-21-22 th questions are coming soon Thanks for in advance!!!
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Re: Questios

11-21-2013 08:30 AM in reply to: serhatkocabay
please go through inventor tutorial or F1 for help. those materials can answer most of your questions.
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Re: Questions

11-21-2013 08:33 AM in reply to: serhatkocabay

1. Double click on the Master View Representation

2. I have never ever used stretch - attach file demonstrating where this would be the best technique.

3. Attach the file here.  (are you familiar with... well never mind, just attach the file here...)


6. You should be able to place anything in an assembly?

7. Several ways - what version of Inventor are you using?

8-9. Derived Component (also check into shrinkwrap).




13. Pattern features - not sketch entities.

14. Create cap and place (no automatic tool, how many different sizes do you use?  look in to iParts)

15.-16.  Of course Project Geometry is useful.  You can break the link if desired.

17.  Always works here - attach file here that exhibits this behavior.


21-23. Rebuild

24. Measure





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