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Publish DWF of assembly with pipe runs

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06-27-2012 02:15 PM



I've been working on putting all Pneumatic/Hydraulic/Electrical runs into our models lately, and while the modelling portion of it (actually making the runs) is fairly straight forward, it seems that documenting it in a way that the shop can easily work with it is another story.


Due to the large size of the assembly and amount of runs we have, it is difficult to capture in 2D printed drawings.


We are thinking now that the best way to go about it will be to have a computer in the shop that someone will be trained to use, and can use to navigate around the model, inspecting each run as they need.


We do use Vault, so I think our solution is going to be to have our visualization files (dwf) automatically sent to a network location that can be accessed by the shop.


Now i am having issues with actually naming each run, so that instead of it saying Route 10/Flexible Hose 6 that it says something actually useful such as "Supply Gladhand to Filter".  I am unable to rename any of the routes (I can rename the Runs though), so I figured I would put a description into the iProperties of the Flexible Hose portion of each route, and export the object properties when making the dwf.


Now, when I select a solid part that I made in Inventor, I can see its description in the Object Properties of design review no problem, but if I select a hose in design review, the only Object Properties i see are its Center of Gravity.


Is there any way to get a semi-useful description into a dwf for a tube/pipe run, or am I out of luck?  Thanks, 

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Re: Publish DWF of assembly with pipe runs

06-28-2012 06:00 PM in reply to: jeff.noel

You can rename the route if you activate the run that contains that route.

Slow clicking in the browser worked for me and the renamed route is visible in the dwf file in ADR.



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Re: Publish DWF of assembly with pipe runs

06-28-2012 09:48 PM in reply to: bobvdd

If you do a complete DWFx publish, you will get the model along with all the LOD's of the model (if you select complete).


We isolate all our air-line runs in a separate LOD (easier for drawings). If you do the publish complete to DWF from the IDW, you will get all your IDW pages as well as all the LOD's in the IAM.


We use Win7 tablets with DWF viewer on them. A couple of WAP's throughout the facility and all the information is accessible on the shop floor.


We have set the user logins for the tablets to only access a mapped directory on the server. All our drawings are then published to this directory.


Our ERP system places the drawing number on the job order, so it's rather easy for the shop to scroll down and find the correct drawing number.


Not sure if it works of View Reps for the solid model if they get published.

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