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Propagate extruded cuts to components

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02-05-2012 05:09 PM



I have two simple parts: an (almost) rectangular prism and a simple polygonal extrusion. The polygonal extrusion needs to be situated inside the prism, so I 

  1. placed them in an assembly
  2. constrained the polygonal extrusion
  3. made a sketch on the extrusion with a simple 1/8 outward Offset of the profile
  4. did a Model >  Modify Assembly > Extrude using the profile and Through All selected
  5. removed the polygonal extrusion as a participant

to get the desired effect (in the photo, the offset is enlarged for clarity):


This works perfectly at the assembly level. However, I would also like this cut to be propagated to the rectangular part itself (the part through which the cut passes). When I open the part file, I still see the original part without the cut. Is there a way I can cut the part itself without recreating the shape in the part to be cut?


I've tried using Model > Create > Derive with the intention of using Model > Modify > Combine with an operation mode of Cut, but when I Derive the part, it is placed in the wrong location:




I would appreciate any suggestions!

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Re: Propagate extruded cuts to components

02-05-2012 09:42 PM in reply to: WChargin

Sounds like you make your cut on the rectangular piece at the assembly level and not at the part level.


You would need to open your assembly, double click on the rectangular piece to open it at the part level. Place your sketch on the top surface, then project the profile of your second piece on it. Do your offset and then Extrude Cut your shape out.

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Re: Propagate extruded cuts to components

02-06-2012 07:19 AM in reply to: WChargin

I think multi body parts are what you want.

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Re: Propagate extruded cuts to components

02-06-2012 07:47 AM in reply to: WChargin


Install the FeatureMigrator for great!


"This plugin allows Inventor users to more easily create parts from assembly features. Through functionality provided by the tool, users are able to migrate (re-create) an existing assembly feature in the relevant sub-parts at the right location in the part space and with the same properties as the parent feature in the assembly. The FeatureMigrator can reliably migrate an assembly feature to the part level. This can save a lot of time and effort for the user when compared with the manual approach, i.e., creating the equivalent features in the affected parts"


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