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Problem with note text boundary overlapping drawing views

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09-20-2012 06:21 AM

Is there any way to control the priority of what information Inventor displays "on top" in a drawing when you have two elements that overlap?


My specific situation is I have a text note whose boundary (where the text 'box' would be if that was turned on) overlaps a detail of a section view and seems to be preventing the display of the hatch layer in one of my section views.


I have attached 3 pictures to show this problem. The pictures show the section view in 3 slightly different positions relative to the text box. I selected the text box before taking the screen capture so you can reference the green "handles" to know where the boundary of the text box would be. Notice how the hatching of the welds, flanges, and pipe as well as a portion of the extension line and arrow for the 3/16 dimension are 'covered' by the boundary of the text box.


Is there a way to control the priority in which different layers are displayed, or is there a function similar to the "Bring Forward/Send Backward" options in Microsoft Word?


FYI, I am running Inventor 2013 RTM build 138. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Problem with note text boundary overlapping drawing views

09-20-2012 06:34 AM in reply to: jcstevens

Based on your images, the text looks to be selectable.  You can adjust the size of the text box as well to be smaller.

This will change the amount of text lines though.

FYI, the closest thing to what you mention in the "bring forward/push back" is the "Select other command

when you RC on the text.  The brings up a small dialog box that allows you to select the text behind.

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