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04-12-2012 07:15 AM

For a while now, I've been trying to shell a split game controller that will create the bottom part of the casing. However, every time I try to shell, a problem occurs "Modelling failure in ASM. Redefine inputs".


I've tried to find the source of the problem through supressing features, and when it finally does shell, the casing creates another problem that will not allow me to loft to get the proper appearance.


Please help as this is a project to be handed in by next week.



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04-12-2012 07:26 AM in reply to: ninjamike28

I recommend that you start over using what you learned from your this attempt.

You might read this document

and make use of obvious symmetry about the origin. (your origin centerpoint is not in a logical location)


You know in the end that the part will be shelled.
Knowing that - attempt Shell after each feature (don't want to get hours invested only to find that it won't shell).


If I drag the red End of Part marker just below Loft1(your very first feature) and attempt to shell - it fails on your very first feature.


If you run into trouble on your next attempt with the first feature - post back for suggestions on how to fix it.

There are a number of (older) tutorials in my signature.



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04-16-2012 04:34 AM in reply to: JDMather

Ok thanks, I'll look into it and hopefully it works :smileyhappy:

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