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problem using AddCustomi​PartMember

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10-19-2012 08:40 AM



I find that the method, AddCustomiPartMember , works fine if i pass the "Row" parameter as a number but i can't get it to work when i pass it as a string .  This is what the help file states:


Sub AddCustomiPartMember(FactoryFileName As String, Position As Matrix, FullFileName As String, ByRef Row As [optional] VARIANT, ByRef CustomInput As [optional] VARIANT, Result As [out, retval] ComponentOccurrence*)
Optional input Variant that specifies the row for the member within the factory. The row index is specified either by a Long (row index), a String (part identifier, i.e. ''[Height=1.000 in][Length=2.000 in][Radius=0.250 in]''), or an iPartTableRow object.


Here's the code that doesn't work :


Sub test3()
    Dim myAssembly As AssemblyDocument, my_part As ComponentOccurrence, my_pos As Matrix
    Dim ifactory_path As String, ipart_path As String, iselect As String
    Set myAssembly = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
    Set my_pos = ThisApplication.TransientGeometry.CreateMatrix
    Dim custom_vars(1 To 2) As String
    iselect = "[my_var=18mm]"
    custom_vars(1) = "13mm"
    custom_vars(2) = "25mm"    
    ifactory_path = "D:\my_ifactory.ipt"
    ipart_path ="D:\selected_ipart.ipt"    
    Set my_part = myAssembly.ComponentDefinition.Occurrences.AddCustomiPartMember(ifactory_path, my_pos, ipart_path, iselect, custom_vars)
End Sub


but if i swap out iselect for a number such as "2" etc then it works fine !!


Can anyone help me out??

Many thanks in advance.


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