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Re: Print Settings

11-06-2006 09:26 AM in reply to: sw_convert
Printing? On paper? Bah! This is the 21st century! Just give everyone a
tablet PC and a copy of the dwf viewer! ;-)

Seriously, this hasn't been a huge problem for me so I guess I've never
given it much though. We do the bulk of our printouts in the company from
Acrobat since we're currently using .pdf as our default drawing format in
the company. We're looking at converting to .dwf, but still, most printing
would be done from the viewer.

The Autocad print format is nice in that the default settings are there, but
at the same time it's so much more complicated that a lot of people who
aren't regular Autocad users tend to be baffled by it. Also, at least for
us, the type of printout varies depending on the user. Document control may
want the full D size drawing but the engineer may prefer it scaled down to a
B. They guy in the shop wants an A since he can clip that next to his mill.

If they did add an Autocad print interface though, it wouldn't bother me too

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Re: Print Settings

11-06-2006 09:30 AM in reply to: sw_convert
>We do the bulk of our printouts in the company from Acrobat

us too. This works well because the IV user can publish the drawing when they are finished. However, the PDF printer doesn't seem to recognize different paper sizes (typ we use 11x17, but some parts are printed on 8-1/2x11). This means that the IV user has to print at least twice and then combine the drawings manually.

However, when printing from Acrobat it is easy because there is the option to "Choose source by paper size" Message was edited by: Josh_Petitt
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