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Plot stamp time/date and file location.

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07-15-2013 02:06 AM

Does anyone know how to add the plot stamp time/date and file location when printing  in autodesk inventor the same as in Autodesk.

So far this has eluded me.


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Re: Plot stamp time/date and file location.

07-15-2013 08:53 AM in reply to: martinpeters

Hi and welcome to the forum!


Unfortunately, there is no built-in way to do this.  This is going to involve some programming, either in VBA or iLogic.


This question has been asked on the forum many times, so doing a search should turn up a lot of posts on the subject.  Here are a couple to help you get started:


ilogic plot stamp


Drawings Stamp with Date


Here is the iLogic rule we use (also attached as a TXT file):


Dim odrawdoc As DrawingDocument
odrawdoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
customPropertySet = odrawdoc.PropertySets.Item("Inventor User Defined Properties")
      prop = customPropertySet.Item("iLogicPrintDate")
      customPropertySet.Add("", "iLogicPrintDate")
End Try
Dim PlotDate As Date
PlotDate = Now

iProperties.Value("Custom", "iLogicPrintDate") = PlotDate
End Try

 This code creates a custom iProperty called iLogicPrintDate, then reads the current date and stores it to that iProperty.


We have some text in our drawing border that displays the values of several properties: drawing creator, iLogicPrintDate, and file path and name.  This is what it looks like:


Plot Stamp.png



And this is what it looks like when the values are populated:


Plot Stamp 2.png


I think it would be a simple thing to include the time as well as the date.


We also set an iLogic event trigger to run the rule that updates the date when the drawing is saved.


Post back if you have any more questions.


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Re: Plot stamp time/date and file location.

07-16-2013 12:58 AM in reply to: martinpeters

Thanks Cameron

It looks a fairly complicated procedure,something that needs to be done when i have a little more time, i am surprised that

Autodesk inventor being as sophisticated that it is that this was not a regular inherent built in tool as in Autocad.


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