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12-15-2011 10:12 AM

Hey there, I posted earlier but would a response from anyone who is willing to help  :smileyhappy:


Everytime I edit a sketch of a single part within an assembly, every single sketch, every dimension, from every single part is visible.


Please help me get rid of this annoyance.





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12-15-2011 10:47 AM in reply to: fleeroy19

You should not double post - this causes confusion.
If you don't think your question is getting attention then you probably have not included enough information.
Keep responding to your original thread (now this one I guess) with additional information to clarify the problem until someone responds.


In this case, I am not familiar with the workflow you are using that results in all sketches in all parts in an assembly becoming visible.  Can you describe this workflow?  Screencaptures? Actual data sets?

As alternatives

rather than your current workflow or opening the part, can you simply Edit the part in place?

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12-15-2011 11:04 AM in reply to: JDMather

Sorry about that, I will definitely remove the other.


I am editing the part in place, hence the confusion. Imagine trying to edit a single sketch, through and assembly, and try to sift your way through 60,000 dimensions from 100 or more different parts and assemblies...not very fun. And this is what I want to turn off and avoid.


So in case I wasn't clear enough in my question, this is the issue. I know its possible, because in all my years I've never run into this problem before, so it must be some setting that I am not familiar with.


I want to edit a single part, and only view the sketch from that single part. Not the bolt, plate, channel etc that has nothing to do with what I'm currently editing.


Hope this helps.

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12-15-2011 11:06 AM in reply to: fleeroy19

I would guess that you are using the object visibility to turn off the visibility of sketches as shown in the attached picture?  All this does is hide the sketches in that assembly or part only.  If you insert the part into another assembly the sketches will be visible.  The problem you are having is that when you edit a sketch in the assembly or part Inventor needs to toggle the visibility of sketches to allow you to edit the sketch so that when you finish the edit all sketches become visible again.  I never use the object visibility because of this.  You need to right click on the sketches in the part or assembly and turn their visibility off there instead.

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