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Plane change question

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01-24-2013 08:03 PM

I've created a part in an assembly based off the surface of a frame member (frame generator). The part created successfully on the XZ plane of the assembly in orientation to everything already in the assembly. When I open up the part independently, the part is now on the XY plane.


What I am trying to do is add to this part using multibody modelling as a part opened independently of the assembly (I originally created the part in the assembly so that the location of the base part was correct to the rest of the assembly). When I derive another part from the assembly into this new part ( as a reference for constructing the new one) the derived part shows up as per its orignal plane as a part and as oriented in the assembly, but not oriented to the new part I wish to create.


How do I create a part in the assembly so that when I open that part independently of the assembly its orientation is as per the assembly?

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Re: Plane change question

01-24-2013 08:22 PM in reply to: JCANU

Check if you are set to default create on XY. There is a down-stream benifit of XY sketching. Should any parts require export for CNC profile burning. Most NC software uses the XY and strips out the Z.


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Re: Plane change question

01-28-2013 02:59 PM in reply to: blair

Thanks for the reply.


This has fixed the orientation of the part, so that all are now are in the same plane as the assembly, but now another problem has come up.


The new part that I create in the assembly (constrained to geometry in the assembly) is not in the same location when I open that part by itself and derive a component of the assembly as a reference for further construction.


Is there a way to derive a part from the assembly (as a reference) into a part created in the assembly so that their positioning is the same as in the assembly or am I asking for something that doesn't exist?


To clarify, I create part A (a single part) and use it as a reference to create part B (Part B is many solid bodies that will populate into many parts in an assembly - multibody part)). I populate part A and B into an assembly. I then want to create part C (another multi body part) based on part A, but referencing part B. I create within the assembly the beginings of part C constrained to part B. I now want to open part C as a part by itself (I don't want all the clutter of part B) and derive part A into it as a reference for further construction.


Is this possible or is my approach to convoluted?



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