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*Maenpaa, Mike
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11-13-2002 03:58 AM in reply to: *Younker, Paul
Same as Kent, we do not stock the bare un-PEM'd metal. We send a drawing of
the part, in it's finished state, including paint finish. We leave it up to
the vendor, to use the appropriate hole size that the PEM needs. Since it
comes in the door as one part, we only use one part number. Most likely, our
vendors will be using their own part number system, so why complicate things
by having them cross reference their two p/n's with our two p/n's.

"Paul Younker" wrote in message
> I may be, and probably am, missing a capability in IV6... At what point do
> you create an IDW of the IPT (for fabrication), or is it possible to show
> all the dimensions at the IAM level?
> I create a seperate numbered detail dwg for fab, then use it in a new
> numbered assy dwg.
> Using your numbers ie;
> SM part 0247-01.ipt
> SM dwg 0247-01.idw
> then to add PEM's, press pins etc;
> SM Assy 0248-01.iam (uses 0247-01and other parts)
> SM Assy dwg 0248-01.idw (BOM and baloon callouts, directions etc.)
> The above scenario allows me to stock (if I desire for spares) seperate
> sheetmetal (sans PEM's, pins etc.) and also finished parts (incl. PEM's,
> pins etc.
> I use PartsNow which is wonderful for getting most all of the ancillary
> parts that we typically use.
> Then of course my next issue is to take these nice parts descriptive names
> and assigning them part numbers for purchased part specs. and inventory.
> I'm thinking of the logistics of assigning 'part numbers' for
> and inventory.
> Beginning to think I'm doing what I see so many others do....use today's
> technology to automate the old manual methods...hmmmm maybe time for an
> afternoon of pondering..
> Paul
> "Kent Keller" wrote in message
> news:970A367E99AA55298DD84B52F7099203@in.WebX.maYIadrTaRb...
> > Not sure I follow what you are saying below
> >
> > I make a SM part ... called 0247-01.ipt
> > then make a Assembly with 0247-01.ipt and all the PEM parts and call it
> 0247-01.iam
> > Make a IDW of 0247-01.iam showing all the PEMS in every view. (Except
> if I show one)
> > Bom and balloon all the parts. Add direction callouts if needed.
> >
> > Top assembly only references the iam files such as 0247-01.iam.
> >
> >
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> > Kent
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> >
> > "Paul Younker" wrote in message
> >
> > > So what you do is create a IDW for the sheetmetal part to fab it with,
> then
> > > an IAM based on the fab detail, install and show/callout PEM's with an
> on
> > > sheet Parts List?
> > > Then the IAM is used and shows on the next assembly...
> >
> >
> >
*Schumacher, Ken
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11-13-2002 05:07 AM in reply to: *Younker, Paul
I'm curious.

Was this a flat part?

If not, were you
still able to unfold the part?

style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #000000 2px solid; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">
a hurry one day...all i did was add a feature(s) on the sheet metal face (a
circular extrude to whatever the diameter and height of the pem i was using)
then on top of that, i just drilled a threaded hole. this allowed me to still
have an ipt with what 'looked' like a pem, and plus, i already had the part in
a hefty assy, so this was easiest/quickest. -Joe
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