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Parts List - suddenly defaulting to GOST?

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06-11-2009 12:27 PM
Why would my parts list suddenly default to a GOST standard, and not allow me any options to change it? In the styles library, only ANSI is available as an option, so I can't change it there either. On another sheet in the same file, I had inserted a parts list that was normal. But if I try to re-insert on that sheet now, it changes to GOST.

Earlier today I had trouble with flat patterns saving to DWG, and worked for hours to resolve that. Found a post related to it, and asked if they ever figured it out. Never got an answer. A co-worker suggested I try opening with 2009, and although I knew it wouldn't open, I was out of options, and so tried it. When I opened IV2009, it informed me that it needed to update licenses. So as we all know when I opened the file in the older version it didn't work. So I tried it again in 2010, for lack of any new ideas why not try the insane move of doing what you've already done 2 dozen times? And lo and behold, it saved the flat pattern to DWG! So I don't know if the "licensing" function that 2009 did enabled a file that was needed? And did it mess with my parts list?

I've tried repairing through the "add/remove hardware" tool, and it was well into the repair when it said it couldn't find a file. My options were to browse for the file or cancel.

Is there anyone out there that can help me? I'm so frustrated at wasting a whole day, not to mention the first time I tried to post this, the site when down right as I hit the "post message" button. Wow.

And P.S. One other clue that may help: My "Annotate" tab now suddenly says "Annotate (ESKD). What is (ESKD)? Edited by: 63pkay on Jun 11, 2009 2:29 PM
*Dennis Jeffrey
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Re: Parts List - suddenly defaulting to GOST?

06-11-2009 12:55 PM in reply to: 63pkay

Do you have more than one person using Inventor? If so,
someone else may have modified the library or the templates.

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Re: Parts List - suddenly defaulting to GOST?

06-11-2009 01:21 PM in reply to: 63pkay
Nope. Single user, but I find I was the culprit. I finally found the answer in plain old Autodesk Help. While trying to figure out the issue with the flat patterns, I checked the add-ins to see if any of those were the problem. So I had loaded and unloaded different combinations (not researching what each add-in was) just trying to solve the flat pattern problem. Anyway I had loaded the ESKD support, and apparently never unloaded it, and that was what messed with my parts list. I was beginning to think my software had been corrupted in some way.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: Parts List - suddenly defaulting to GOST?

03-16-2011 08:15 PM in reply to: 63pkay

Thank 63pkay!

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