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Parameters units and decimals

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08-15-2011 08:31 AM

Inventor 2010


- I have drawing partslists with parameters that change automaticly

- Based on a main assembly with a customized structured BOM, with information I fetch from the individual parts exported parameters (Ex. =Length <part-length>)

- The main assembly is based on many sub-assemblys

- Based on "Make Component" skeletonmodels

- Based on embedded EXCEL worksheets in where I control my parameter values.


Now the problem expl.:


- Total I have about maybe 50 parts, witch have 15 parameters each, that I need to control this way.


- In every single part I have derived it's parameters from the skeleton part, and exported them.


- On some parameters I don't want to show the units, in most of the parameters I don't want the trial zeros.


So in the individual parts parameter table I choose "Custom Property Format" for the exported parametern in every individual part.


-uncheck "Trailing Zeros" and check  "Apply to existing...", then uncheck "Unit String" for some parameters.


I lot of setup work with 50 parts, 15 parameters each (750 individual parameters)...





Every time I change a dimension in the embedded EXCEL worksheet, ex. a pipe dimension and thickness, a diameter for a revolved feature and so on, the units go back to it's default values again and I have to do all this parameter setup "Custom Property Format" again.


Is this a bug? Can I come around this problem somehow?




Kind Regards

Jonas, Sweden


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Re: Parameters units and decimals

03-09-2012 08:09 AM in reply to: DryMartini79

Whatever parameter properties are in the skeleton part are carried to parts and assemblies regardless of what is set in the parts or assemblies. The change is carried whenever a parameter is changed in the skeleton part.

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Re: Parameters units and decimals

09-12-2012 01:07 AM in reply to: Genicee

The problem is that the decimals turn to the format "0,123" again, everytime somthing is changed. I've noticed this fenomenon also when NOT using excel worksheet to control my skeleton parts.


Everytime a measure or position is changed in the skel, the units are reset to "0,123", which gives this many decimals for the parameter in the Bill of materials list and drawing partslist.



Column "Dimension" in my BOM. The parameter <Rod_Diameter> is imported:

The rod diameter (4,000 mm) is set to export in the parts parameter list, right clicked and given custom property format to only show "4" instead of "4,000 mm" 

It's written as "=Ø<Rod_Diameter>" in the custom property "Dimension" for the part.


Now it tells "Ø4" in the partslist and bill of material. CORRECT!


But if anything is changed in the skelton, with this or another dimension, this parametric setup is reset to show "Ø4,000 mm" again. Too many decimals for my partslist.


That's the problem. With 100 parts in different subassemblies with 2 to 3 exported parameters in each part, it's a lot of setup to get the automatic dimension text in the partslist from the structured BOM if it does not remember the custom proparty format for the parameters.


Could this be setup in any way so that the part keeps it's formatting. It would save ALOT of time or higher the quality for my automated drawings.

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