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Pack & Go doesn't completely go (assy's stay linked to original location)

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12-14-2012 09:05 AM

On a couple assy's, I am trying to use pack&go to make self-contained versions of them.


Only problem is, the assy file (xxx.iam) and all sub-assy files are still linked to the component files in the original location even though the component files were copied to the new location with the P&G command




The whole point in this feature is to make self sufficient copies of something that don't depend on the original data.


This shows the settings I am using


It is finding all the files ok.  It just doesn't change the relationships on the new iam files.   I could manually copy them and do the same thing this feature is doing.


Is there some hidden checkbox I need to find ?   Note, I also tried once with "Include linked files" unchecked and got the same result.




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Re: Pack & Go doesn't completely go (assy's stay linked to original location

12-14-2012 09:40 AM in reply to: divingdoug

Hi divingdoug,


I understand from reading other posts that you're not happy with Inventor project files (*.ipj), so please remember I'm only trying to help here. I'm not commenting on whether project files are good or bad. However, I do think some of the issues you're having are due to a lack of understanding of how Inventor uses *.ipj files.


Some reading on Inventor Project Files that might help. And here is another link to a PDF that that goes into more detail.


I think the issue with your pack and go is coming from the use of the Default.ipj file. This file should really not be used for production work and is really only included for the initial Inventor setup.


Inventor uses relative paths to resolve file links and much of this is controlled with the project file (*.ipj). Understanding, how these work will allow you get the results you're after, but I think until you take the time to learn to work with Inventor's project files, you might end up fighting these kinds of issues over and over.


Again, I'm not trying to be a project file cheerleader, I'm just advocating the understanding of them so that you don't end up more frustrated by them.


Personally, I typically set a single top level project file and keep everything under it. And then just sort of forget about project files. I understand that doesn't work for everyone, but most people benefit from this approach.


If you explain your overall goal and your file/folder structure I'm sure someone will be able to offer some suggestions as to how to proceed.


I hope this helps.
Best of luck to you in all of your Inventor pursuits,

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Re: Pack & Go doesn't completely go (assy's stay linked to original location

12-14-2012 10:05 AM in reply to: Curtis_Waguespack

You are correct in my opinion of project files.  Soon after my rant on that topic, I created a new project file that essentially encompassed the entire drive in the hopes that I would never need to deal with it again (wishful thinking I guess)


However, it seems that any work I did previous to this is still linked to the default PF or to nothing perhaps.


I simply find that having to maintain or at least stay aware of another organizing system (project files) adds no value to the process.


If I didn't know that there are better ways (ie  SW) to handle this, it might not be so frustrating but for every, and I mean every function I have to use in IV, there is an extra click, or another step, or an additional screen, or a limitation, etc, etc.


And I really don't feel too far out in left field with this as every other engineer in the building will not disagree with me.


I will research the use of project files as you suggest and in the meantime, just keep manually fixing everything I do.


If (or when) I start my job search, the CAD system that the company uses is going to be one of my selection criiteria.


Appreciate the input



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Re: Pack & Go doesn't completely go (assy's stay linked to original location

12-16-2012 05:18 PM in reply to: divingdoug

Where I work we take a different approach than Curtis suggests.  We use a separate project file for each project, because each of our projects is entirely self-contained.  So when we choose project ABCD, there is no possibliity of linking to any files in any other location than under workspace ABCD.  This keeps things nice and tidy for us.  The whole point of project files is to limit the scope of what Inventor needs to search.  It can also define locations for content center generated parts, design data, templates, and libraries.


I find them to be really helpful.

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Re: Pack & Go doesn't completely go (assy's stay linked to original location

12-16-2012 08:21 PM in reply to: divingdoug

We break our word down to three project files. One for our standard production items, a second one for customer specific work and a third one for our jig's/fixtures.


The customer specific uses our existing production items as a library. This allows for use of our standard parts but only in a read only state.


Our jig's/fixtures uses our existing production and customer directories as read only libraries. When you use existing directories as Libraries, it allows you to use the parts but they are brought in as read only and can't be modified.

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