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*Sponholz, Dan
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11-13-2002 09:48 PM in reply to: *Serge


Will it be possible to control the order of the
items in the parts list by organizing them in the assembly browser in a future
version of Inventor?  Is this something that is being planned?

Dan Sponholz
Mercury Marine

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I realize that the ability to drag things up and
down, while adding nothing as far as "design intent" to the model, did provide
a bit of organizational order to assemblies - via the browser view. My hope
was that we'd get generic folder capabilities to satisfy the
organizational need and my concern was that if we moved to a sequence
dependent browser view in assemblies like we have in part, then a part's
location in the browser could/would impact its interaction with assembly
features before/after. I was also thinking about including an "end of
assembly" node that behaved like the "end of part" node.


Given how we have segregated assembly features -
my reasons for disabling the up/down dragging seem to be invalid and painful
in light of not getting the generic folder organization "tool".


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11-14-2002 02:39 AM in reply to: *Serge
There is recognition of a need for better control
of parts list sequences, balloon numbers and model space organization tools. How
we will address this is being evaluated.


Gary R. Smith -
Inventor Team
Autodesk DSD - Manufacturing Product Design


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