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Re: Number of nodes when Importing Vector File to Inventor

08-01-2012 08:18 AM in reply to: sam_m

Hold on. Im trying to post the file but it saying its too large.

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Re: Number of nodes when Importing Vector File to Inventor

08-01-2012 08:21 AM in reply to: valenciar

OK, the file is an IDW. There is a sketch of the imported file. The template has the re-drawn version. Can I square that of so I can place dims on it without it coming apart? Can I do that without re drawing? If so, can I fill the vector with solid color?

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Re: Number of nodes when Importing Vector File to Inventor

08-01-2012 04:20 PM in reply to: valenciar

valenciar wrote:

So the solution is re-draw. Brilliant!!! All I have to do is spend more hours re drawing logos that we already spent hours drawing them in corel. Very helpful.

No.  My solution was to do it all in Inventor.  Forget Corel for the work you describe.  You should not have spent your hours drawing them in Corel.  I don't think you will ever get anything but rubish (in Inventor) using that workflow from Corel to Inventor.

The fact that you already went down a dead end is nothing more than a  learning lesson in my opnion.


Good luck.

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Re: Number of nodes when Importing Vector File to Inventor

08-02-2012 06:54 AM in reply to: valenciar

Did you read the earlier thread? I already do that. The corel comes from our graphic dept or our customers. That file is for making other graphics necessary. there are more things involved in our company than just woring on inventor. The corel draw file is a necessity. Your solution, the obvious and 1st thought, is already being implemented.


I came here because I saw, in the beginning of this thread, that someone is asking for the same similar question and it was dated 1/?/2012. No one responded to that one. so I re-started the thread. So, lets put the obvious ones to rest:

1. Re-draw in inventor

2. Clean up file in autocad and import to inventor

3. Reduce nodes in corel, export to autocad and purge, then export to inventor.

4. Make an emblem.

The real issue is ones the sketch gets too complicating, you cannot move it around. Also, there is no easy way to constrain it. and this is just placing it in the template. Which is my only primary use for now.

You try to explain to a project manager that graphic dept spent 5 hours per logo will now have to wait for another 5 hours to be reproduced in engineering. The same obvious question will come up: "can't you just export it?"

So, again I ask, it there another way? main problem within sketch: move, resize, constraining, fill, line thickness, and color.

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Re: Number of nodes when Importing Vector File to Inventor

11-08-2012 09:20 AM in reply to: valenciar

My workflow from Corel to Inventor is similar to yours. I export as DXF from Corel and then open the file in AutoCad.  I clean the file in AutoCad a bit and then I create a BLOCK.  Copy your logo/block from AutoCad and Paste in to an Inventor sketch.  When pasting, first right click in Inventor, choose Paste Options and make sure the constrain end point, apply geometric constraints and AutoCad blocks to Inventor blocks boxes are checked.  When you try to extrude,emboss, or cut the logo/art, you will see which profiles are not connected and can quickly fix them in either AutoCad or Inventor. (use close loop command for some cases)  I find it is easier to fix the errors in AutoCad while viewing the problems in Inventor and then re-pasting the part.  By doing the Block method, you can easily move your logo/art around your part with out your sketch going crazy.  Editing the block is easy as well.


Hope this helps a bit.

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