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*Shang, Thomas
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New Field creation in revision box and Holechart

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11-07-2002 10:59 AM
I just start to use IV6. I am wondering for so called improved Holechart and
revision feature in idw, after adding new field as additional column, how to
input value? I guess this shall be similar to what it is in partlist --
create a custom property with the same name as new field. I've tried with no
avail. I am sure I missed something, but what? Should autodesk have done
this the same as partlist?

In addition, how to input value for "Description" column which comes as
default --" value" for revision box? I've tried "Description" from both ipt
and idw property.

In the first place, it was claimed by autodesk that holechart has much
improved. I presume this is going to be the same as in AutoCAD Mechanical.
In fact, it's not. Even worse, it still inherit nasty stuff from 5.3, like
the line spacing is too wide for couterbore hole note. Any way to adjust it.

Anyone sheds some light on me?

*Cleveland, Dave
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Re: New Field creation in revision box and Holechart

11-07-2002 02:40 PM in reply to: *Shang, Thomas
You can edit the text in your additional column by double clicking directly
on the text. You should get an edit box.

One serious shortcoming I've found with the custom columns: In one of my
tables I needed some notes for a few holes and nothing for others. To get
an empty field, I entered a space. Lately, I have tried to go back and add
text in some of the null fields but there is nothing to select, and
therefore no way to put text back in.

There also may be a bug in the text justification of the LOC column. I have
tried to set the justification to "center" or "right" but it remains nailed
to the left.

I have not found any way to edit the text in the default columns.
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