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new appearance issue

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04-23-2012 08:31 AM

I have created a component with a certain apperance setup on it colour and texture wise.


I now want to be able to use this texture across other already made components and assemblies.


Is there anyway to roll this finish out in inventor so that all previously made models and assemblies will update and change to this new texture.


The previous models created in IV2012 were in stainless steel with a colour & texture etc, now have created a stainless steel in IV2013 as the one that it converted my old setup to was nothing like the original.



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Re: new appearance issue

04-23-2012 11:17 AM in reply to: egghead

I have found that when you create a custom appearance, as you have done, it only exists in the document you are working on.


In the appearance editor go to the very top row 'Document Appearances' and make sure you right click on the appearance you created and then select 'Add to'. Choose an appropriate library to add the custom appearance to (EG: Inventor Material Library).


Also, I have found that sometimes the 'new' appearance is not always available in a new document until you have restarted Inventor. That is very frustrating sometimes, and if you forget the above steps, you'll have to go back and open the original part or file where you created the custom appearance and add it to the appropriate library, again, quite frustrating at times.


IMHO when creating a custom appearance, it should be added to the LIBRARY and not the open document.


You will also find that in some documents you are not able to delete appearances even though they are not in use within that document, again, quite frustrating.

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