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Need help with VB editor code within Inventor Please?

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11-02-2012 09:06 AM

I am trying to run a piece of code in the VB editor to make it loop through each page of an Excel workbook, but for the reason that I am no VB expert I cannot get it to work, can anyone please help me. I have pasted the code below, I feel that someone with good VB knowledge could solve this in a minute or two. Many Thanks


Option Explicit

Private oExcel As Excel.Application
Private oSheet As Excel.WorkSheet
Private oPartDoc As PartDocument

Private Sub CloseSpline_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub ColumnX_Change()

End Sub

Private Sub ColumnZ_Change()

End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

Set oPartDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
Set oExcel = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
Set oSheet = oExcel.ActiveSheet

End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Terminate()

Set oPartDoc = Nothing
Set oExcel = Nothing
Set oSheet = Nothing

End Sub

Private Sub Create3DSpline_Click()
If Create3DSpline.Value = True Then
Createpolyline.Value = False
CloseSpline.Enabled = True
Createpolyline.Value = False
CloseSpline.Enabled = False
Createpolyline.Value = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub CreatePolyline_Click()
If Createpolyline.Value = True Then
Create3DSpline.Value = False
CloseSpline.Enabled = False
Closepolyline.Enabled = True
Closepolyline.Enabled = False
Create3DSpline.Value = True
End If
End Sub


Private Sub OKButton_Click()


Dim j As Integer
Dim xSheet As String

For j = 1 To 10

Dim bCreateSpline As Boolean
Dim bCreatePolyline As Boolean
bCreateSpline = Create3DSpline.Value
bCreatePolyline = Createpolyline.Value

Dim bCloseSpline As Boolean
bCloseSpline = CloseSpline.Value

Dim bClosePolyline As Boolean
bClosePolyline = Closepolyline.Value

ThisApplication.UserInterfaceManager.UserInteractionDisabled = True

Dim oDef As PartComponentDefinition
Set oDef = oPartDoc.ComponentDefinition

Dim oPoints As ObjectCollection
Set oPoints = ThisApplication.TransientObjects.CreateObjectCollection

Dim oUsedRange As Range
Set oUsedRange = oSheet.UsedRange

Dim oRowCount As Long
oRowCount = oSheet.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row

Dim i As Integer

For i = 1 To oRowCount
Dim strx As String, stry As String, strz As String
strx = oUsedRange.Cells(i, CInt(ColumnX.Text))
stry = oUsedRange.Cells(i, CInt(ColumnY.Text))
strz = oUsedRange.Cells(i, CInt(ColumnZ.Text))

Dim x As Double, y As Double, z As Double
x = oPartDoc.UnitsOfMeasure.GetValueFromExpression(strx, kDatabaseLengthUnits)
y = oPartDoc.UnitsOfMeasure.GetValueFromExpression(stry, kDatabaseLengthUnits)
z = oPartDoc.UnitsOfMeasure.GetValueFromExpression(strz, kDatabaseLengthUnits)

Dim oPoint As Point
Set oPoint = ThisApplication.TransientGeometry.CreatePoint(x, y, z)

Dim oWorkPoint As WorkPoint
Set oWorkPoint = oDef.WorkPoints.AddFixed(oPoint)

Call oWorkPoint.AttributeSets.Add("ImportedFromExcel").Add("Index", kIntegerType, i)

oPoints.Add oWorkPoint

Dim oClientFeatures As ClientFeatures
Set oClientFeatures = oDef.Features.ClientFeatures

'Create a client feature definition by adding the selected items
Dim oClientFeatureDef As ClientFeatureDefinition
Set oClientFeatureDef = oClientFeatures.CreateDefinition("Imported Work Points", oPoints.Item(1), oPoints.Item(oPoints.Count))

Dim oCFE As ClientFeatureElement
For Each oCFE In oClientFeatureDef.ClientFeatureElements
oCFE.BrowserVisible = True
oCFE.UserEditable = True
oCFE.HighlightWithFeature = False

' Create the client feature
Dim oClientFeature As ClientFeature
Set oClientFeature = oClientFeatures.Add(oClientFeatureDef, "ImportedWorkPointsClientId")

Dim oSketch3D As Sketch3D
Set oSketch3D = oDef.Sketches3D.Add

If bCreateSpline Then

Dim oSpline As SketchSpline3D
Set oSpline = oSketch3D.SketchSplines3D.Add(oPoints)

If bCloseSpline Then
oSpline.closed = True
End If
End If

If bCreatePolyline Then
For i = 1 To oPoints.Count - 1
Call oSketch3D.SketchLines3D.AddByTwoPoints(oPoints(i), oPoints(i + 1), False)

If bClosePolyline Then
Call oSketch3D.SketchLines3D.AddByTwoPoints(oPoints(oPoints.Count), oPoints(1), False)
End If
End If

Set oSpline = Nothing
Set oSketch3D = Nothing
ThisApplication.UserInterfaceManager.UserInteractionDisabled = False
Unload Me

xSheet = "Sheet" & j

Next j

End Sub

Private Sub CancelButton_Click()
Unload Me
ThisApplication.UserInterfaceManager.UserInteractionDisabled = False
End Sub

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