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Re: Moving End of Part Marker in drawing

04-11-2012 05:58 AM in reply to: tboardman

This is something that we have to do a lot here.

What we do is make a master sketch of our customer part with no features. We have a different sketch for each operation needed to make the part. Then we make the cut-off blank and make that the OP1 part, we derive that into OP 2 part and then also derive in the master part with just sketch 2. We make the feature for OP 2 save it and then derive that into OP 3. Then the process continues all the way to completion. The good thing about this is we only have to change the master and do updates if the customer changes his part. If the process changes like OP 6 and OP 9 swap all we need to do is open OP 6 change the derive master sketch, and make a new feature, same for OP 9. Everything down stream updated. We also use the master part sketch to make all the tooling model.

I find that this is the best for us.

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