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Monosystem.... Using sheets or seperate drawings?

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09-14-2012 01:44 AM

I am in doubt of a good way to make the workshop drawings in Inventor.

There has been a discussion in my company if we should use sheets or seperate drawings for the following.

We mae a assembly drawing with al parts in parts list and in that list we mark (like "See Sheet 1,2,3" etc.) for the seperate .ipt files. This I do within the same .idw using sheets. The problem is as soon as you fill in the title block, it will be the same over all the sheets. But it makes my work more efficient instead of using seperate drawings for each .ipt file. Other here say, when you do this, you can at least have a different title block information for all .ipt drawings. But you then get a lot of drawings and when something changes in the part list (a part is added)  and you change the order of that part list, you then have to change all title blocks and change all title block where for instant the info "Part number 02" is mentioned.


First of all is there a way to have seperate title block info for each sheet when using this method.


Anyone can convince me what realy is the way to do this. Havinng assembly drawings with parts list and seperate drawings or sheets for the parts.


Would like to have some input abou8t this




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Re: Monosystem.... Using sheets or seperate drawings?

09-14-2012 04:01 AM in reply to: jschaap

We do an assembly drawing and a fabrication drawing for each part.

One advantage (besides the title block issue you describe) is that if we do have to do a revision to a part, we don't have to reissue the drawing package, simply the drawing that has been revised.

This can be a major issue since many of our assemblies consist of several hundred parts.

It also keep the drawing size down to a more managable sheet count.

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Re: Monosystem.... Using sheets or seperate drawings?

09-14-2012 04:39 AM in reply to: jschaap

It really depends on your manufacturing department. Here we make one idw for each assembly. This makes sense for us since we're a build to order fabrication shop; we don't have part numbers for make parts only finished assemblies and purchased parts. Our assemblies also aren't very complex, the worst case scenario product is about 60-80 sheets depending on options, the average is more like 5-10 sheets.

It sounds to me like your doing to much work with your titleblocks. I have one titleblock that I use on every single detail and one that I use for every single layout. The key is to set them up to be "smart". Have it pull all of its data from iproperties or from prompted entry text.

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Re: Monosystem.... Using sheets or seperate drawings?

09-14-2012 04:39 AM in reply to: jschaap

In addition to what Mike described, our drawing numbers are shown in the parts list, and these are taken from model iProperties, so there is no difficulty in updating the parts list with drawing numbers.  In our case, the drawing number is the part number, but you could also use a separate iProperty for the drawing number if necessary.

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Re: Monosystem.... Using sheets or seperate drawings?

09-14-2012 05:03 AM in reply to: jschaap

I try to set it up if the part is a bolt on it is a mono drawing but if it is a weldment we make a package drawing weldment and all parts for weldment in a one idw with muti sheets. I do it this way because a weldment is actualy a part made up with parts once it is welded it is a single part. :smileyhappy:

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