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Merged Frame Generator members equal wrong total length.

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01-21-2013 06:19 PM

I have a feeling this goes way back to the first release of INV we had (release 14?). Basically the merged FG member length seems to be calculated using the member centre line instead of real lengths. See the attached Pack-N-Go.


The view on the left is a Merged FG member. The view in the middle is individual FG members based on a line of symmetry in the same sketch. Both are placed using the mid point option in the FG dialogue. The views on the right are the 3 separate members used for the middle view.


The Merged length shows 722 mm whereas adding the 3 member lengths (RH view) equals 740 mm. 18 mm short, or 2 sets of 9 mm (shown in the middle view) which represents the end cuts to the middle member in the RH view.


I would have thought this error would be fixed by now. Any comments/suggestions?