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Re: Loft to Flat Pattern

01-14-2012 05:37 PM in reply to: Winnovations



Here are a couple of things that I have learned (the hard way) in making flat patterns.



I'll use "from existing.ipt" as a reference


when you do a sweep (SweepSfr1)- make sure you choose "parallel" & not "path"  -   path creates a complex compression curve that cannot be created.  If you choose parallel the curve created can be seen on one existing plane.  (more on this below)


Your sweeps would be better as an extrude.  I think this would solve most of your issues.



The way the unfold works - if you can see the curve along a plane, with no twisting, then the part will unfold.  A twist will work only if it is between two straight lines.



I changed your file - I extruded Sketch 17 & 18  & suppressed Sweeps 1 & 2.  the parts will now flatten.  


maybe this will get you the remainder of the way




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Re: Loft to Flat Pattern

01-14-2012 06:17 PM in reply to: oak_roberts

Sorted!! Thought it was that I'd used splines, but then saw your reply and attached file. Cheers for the details on sweeping, I could probably do with reading some in depth articles on certain tools as I think thats where I'm lacking most being self taught.

I'll now spend days trying out twisted flattening:smileytongue:, if I can get that working it really will open some oppertunities for some really nice shapes! I'm guessing a loft between 2 lines along a rail?


Thanks very much for all your help, much apreciated!


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Re: Loft to Flat Pattern

06-02-2014 05:48 PM in reply to: Winnovations

I am also struggling to get my loft to flat pattern, I have tryed your method and still have no result, any chance you could have a look at where i am struggling ? and give me some well needed feed back ? I hope i have attached the file correctly

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Re: Loft to Flat Pattern

06-03-2014 09:13 AM in reply to: Winnovations

Inventor can only flatten things that are bent in one direction.  When you have something bent in multiple directions it can.t calculate a flat pattern.  So, something that gets formed into say a dish shape, however minor, will not work.  The bow of your hull section is bent in multiple directions so it will not be able to be flattened.

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Re: Loft to Flat Pattern

06-03-2014 12:35 PM in reply to: coreyparks

oh ok that makes sense then. So is it possable to achieve that shape in invnetor as flat pattern, my guess is no ?

thanks for your help

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