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Layers and line wt. in Idw

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01-03-2013 05:59 PM

I am trying to make some drawings for laser cutting.

My vendor has asked for lines drawn at .001", and a different color for scribes and cut lines. (this is for achitectural models) This is new territory for me.


What I have done is make a  part idw that shows only the outline and cut lines. Then in my idw I add a sketch and draw the lines that are scribes.


In the sytles editor there are no lines that have a .001 width, so I added them, one as a CUT and one as a score. I assigned the score a red color.  When I right click on the lines in the idw it brings up the popup, but my new line types are not showing up.


How do I get them to show up or load?


I am using 2011.





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