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Re: Ivy Bridge or Xeon?

11-08-2012 06:53 AM in reply to: Zoltan78

Where says a 430W will be ok?  I checked both Nvidia's website and a PSU calculator.


Nvidia's GTX670 spec's 

"Minimum System Power Requirement (W): 500W" with 30% capacitor aging also suggests a min 499W needed


both say 500W min (for a single 670), so personally would go for a little more (just to be safe, for the future) if I was to build a pc today.  Probably look at 750-800W if I was going to think about SLI GTX670

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Re: Ivy Bridge or Xeon?

11-11-2012 10:42 PM in reply to: sam_m

They suggest 500W because of crappy PSUs that can't provide their nominal value. A 430-450W brand PSU with 80%+ efficiency is enough. I have a GTX 560 Ti based rig at home (with i5-2500K), its suggested PSU 500W, too. I run my system with a Corsair VX450.


VGA manufacturers just wants their arse protected, that's why they suggest way over its real power consumption. That's what a calculator does, too. But they can only confuse those who don't familiar with electricity.


But all you should do is adding CPU's and VGA's TDP. For example: a GTX 670's max TDP is 170W. i7-2600K's max TDP is 95W. It equals 265W (max!). And no, the rest of the system doesn't consume - almost - another 265W.


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