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IV2013 SP1 Forgetting Keyboard Customizations

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01-14-2013 07:23 AM

So this happened to me the other day.  I'm trucking right along, doing the do like normal and then I notice a bunch of my keyboard commands no longer work.  Not ALL of them.  Some of them stayed. 


At first I'm thinking that it's no big deal.  I've exported my Customizations to an XML file and I can just re-import them., right?


So I did that.  And yes, what I had saved in that file came back in.  However, *SOME* defaults were returned at some point, so I still had to go line by line and scrub some things out to make them work.  For example, I use "D" for general dimension in the drawing environment.  But if the default setup had "DV" for detail view, "D" doesn't help because it's now an ambiguous entry.  What a pain.


1.  This is crazy that this happens.  Seems like it's not a new thing either.  What's the deal with elimination of this bug?


2.  Is there a way to wipe all the keyboard commands prior to importing my own XML file so I don't have to manually scrub out other stuff?



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Re: IV2013 SP1 Forgetting Keyboard Customizations

01-14-2013 01:48 PM in reply to: tdswanson


Similar problem here.  Also - do you have this turned on: "Use default multi-character Command Aliases" in your customize menu.



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