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IV10SP2 3D Sketch TIP

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11-09-2005 05:58 AM
Ever need to get the tangent points (and/or center point)
of a 3d sketch's bend radii which are skewed from the
normal 3 workplanes? (regular iv, not pro). What I have found
works is to create a NEW 3dsketch, and include JUST
the arcs from the original 3d sketch. Then you will be
able to pick the ends of the arcs. However, I notice
that the center's of the arcs are still not shown,
bit with the end points and original intersection point,
you can define a workplane and then a sketch, then
project the arc to that and get the center point.

Anyone know of an EASIER solution?
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Re: IV10SP2 3D Sketch TIP

11-26-2012 09:54 AM in reply to: *Bob S.

I was having this problem also, This seems like a solution but would have thought there was easier way to this. Is there no one here that knows better solution to this?

Thanks any way I will use this solution for now.

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