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iProperty description field in Windows explorer

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10-29-2012 12:54 AM

Hi there, We would like to enforce that our designers save all Inventor files by the Part number only. This is not a problem when using Vault to open files as the interface can be customized to show the iProperty description field. The problem comes in for users who open files from the local drive before they have been added to Vault. There is no way for them to see the iProperty descrition for the files except if they hover over each file and wait for the tooltip to show which then shows a number of iProperties.


I found that I can add a Windows description column but by default it is blank. Is there anyway to get the iProperty description to synchronize with the windows description column? If not does anyone out there have any other suggestions?



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Re: iProperty description field in Windows explorer

10-30-2012 07:29 AM in reply to: wseaston

This is a limitation at the moment. iProperties of Inventor files cannot be added into the Windows Explorer column list. We have a wishlist item logged to our development team about this.

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Re: iProperty description field in Windows explorer

08-30-2013 06:41 AM in reply to: Daniela_Koloszko
Would be great to see this item off the wishlist soon, like the next update to 2014 (if there is another one). This is currently a headache and frustration!
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Re: iProperty description field in Windows explorer

09-01-2013 05:09 AM in reply to: mrice

And it's a big problem when you're using e.g. productstream or any other PDM software, and all od you like 100 000 parts are ENG-9457747 format. To be able to get iproperties and custom iproperties somehow into windows, would be awesome!

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Re: iProperty description field in Windows explorer

08-26-2014 09:13 AM in reply to: wseaston

I know its an old post...  Is this possible yet?

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